Air Conditioning Recharge (134a gas)
*Always insist that you see the repair shop's "F" gas certificate.*
This is the very basic requirement for anyone handling your car a/c.
The procedure for recharging an air conditioning is as follows, whether there is some gas in the system or totally empty. A responsible garage will follow the following procedure to protect your system, the cost of this varies from £35 plus vat to £45 plus vat depending on the size if the system, such as front air conditioning only, or front and rear.
1- Recovering any gas remaining in the system.
2- Vacuum the system for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the  vacuum pump of the machine.
3- Checking for any vacuum loss .
4- If there is dye in the system, a through ultra violet light test must be carried out.
5- refilling the system to the point that compressor cuts in and stop.
6- Allowing the system to run for a few minutes to disperse the gas through the system.
7- Carrying out electronic leak testing.
8- fully charging the system with gas taking note of recovered oil from the system and adding as necessary.
9- Adding dye to the system for future testing.
Questions & Answers
Q:  Can I top up my system without going through above procedure.
A:  No… Air conditioning system contains moisture which is needed to be removed as much as possible before charging the system with gas, Failing to do so, you allow build up of moisture in the system which gradually seizes the compressor, the word topping is used for making a quick profit.
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