Honda Civic Compressor not working.
In the course of 5 days we received calls from the owners of Honda Civics that they had their car's air conditioning checked by garages known and unknown and the problem was diagnosed as compressor malfunction. The cost of repairs ranged from 500 to 700 pounds.
4 Honda Civics were called in for diagnoses and it was found that the problem lied in the faulty relay situated in the fuse box costing 26 pounds from the Honda dealership.
If you can not bring your vehicle to us for a free diagnoses and happen to be a handy man then follow the following instructions to save hundreds of pounds in repairs.
Fuse box is located under the bonnet on the passenger side, Locate and remove the cover.
The following images show the location of the relay ( the location is also marked inside the cover of the fuse box.

Honda Civic Fuse Box.

Honda Civic Air Conditioning Fuse
This is What the relay looks like with its part number.

Honda Civic Air conditioning relay.
Start the Engine and switch on your air conditioning.
Test one:
Remove the air conditioning relay out of its seating in the fuse box, locate the middle female pin where the gold middle pin of the relay sits in, using a jump wire give 12 volts power to this pin, if the compressor starts, then the relay is faulty and not the compressor.
Test Two:
If you are not comfortable with test one, then you will notice that there are several other relays of the same part number in the fuse box, simply change the a/c relay with another relay in the box to kick in the compressor, once content, change the relays again and purchase a new a/c relay from the Honda dealership.
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