Did you know that an air conditioning specialist can repair or regas your car a/c far more efficiently and at lower prices than standard garages!                                           
Insurance & Warranty Work
As a reputable long standing car air conditioning company, our work is approved by all car warranty companies such as AA, RAC, Warranty Direct, Warranty Wise, Autoguard, and other major companies.
If you hold a warranty on your car air conditioning, and the a/c system breaks down, then you do not need to worry about the cost of repairs, we will negotiate with your warranty company, secure an authorization for repairs and carry out the work to your satisfaction without the need for you to pay any extra charges that are not covered by your warranty company, We do this by satisfying the warranty company that the parts and labour charges that we invoice them cannot be matched by any other garages and Autodata information that they keep. Our 2 years parts and labour warranty is also another factor for the warranty companies approval and the customer's peace of mind. Should you as customer stop your warranty cover by the warranty company for any reason after the work has been carried out, we will continue our warranty on the work done until 2 years has lapsed.
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